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A professionally managed company, Acme Softech Pvt. Ltd, has made an indelible imprint on the minds of its clients by offering quality Application Software Solutions. ACME SOFTECH PVT. LTD. is a new generation technology enterprise wholly dedicated to offering comprehensive, cutting-edge Application Software Solutions for the Indian industry. Thanks to the uncompromising leadership of highly qualified individuals who bring with them the experience of  having worked in really challenging environments.

Our Vision 
To be at the forefront of application development and be respected for setting the highest standards of professionalism and Quality of Service. To EMPOWER enterprises with state-of-the-art application software solutions that would stand out as benchmarks of technological excellence, and which would help us achieve our desired objective of creating and delivering enduring value for our esteemed customers.

The Quality Obsession   
Acme Softech Pvt. Ltd. maintains a very stringent quality conscious approach in developing its products and delivering its solutions and services.  We ensure maximum customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards in the technologies, products and services that we deliver. Our team of dedicated professionals works with passion to maintain and continually improve the quality in keeping with our mission objectives.
Quality sells, we know that!

The Infrastructure 
A state-of-the-art development canter with Pentium based workstations networked with the latest  multiple database and file servers complemented by software that includes the full suite of development tools from Microsoft, Oracle, Project Management Tools and Case Tools, to provide  services of high order. The Internet link helps to keep in touch with customers at all stages of development and keep abreast of latest technological changes in the world.    

 Leading From the Front 
Mr. Sy. Ali Raza, the Managing Director, is a hard-core software professional having more than a decade of experience in Cane Management and Computerization. His technical know-how ranges from hardware & application software development, IT consulting and project management. To his credit there is ‘Man-free Weighment Technology’ which has matured now and is in use with many large sugar mills in India.

People Power    
Needless to say, the quality of people is the quality of the company. ASPL takes pride in recruiting from the best institutes and talent pools available. Of them 80% possess Masters’ Degrees. Most of them are exposed to the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of a project on a variety of platforms. Internal and external training programs keep them abreast of the latest emerging trends in the IT World. 

ASPL project managers have vast experience in building technical skills and managed teams of Software Professionals in successfully executing large IT projects. They possess excellent communication and customer interaction skills. Their proven ability in the study of business processes, requirement gathering and analysis, design techniques, techniques used for re-engineering applications spanning various platforms has delivered on-time quality solutions to many delighted clients.

Virtual extension of your Office    
Acme Softech Pvt. Ltd. taps into the many advantages of offsite software development. A project manager with a dedicated team devotes exclusive attention to the client’s needs. A small team carries out initial requirement study and analysis at the customer site and later a large team carries out design and construction phases at our own site.
The customer is kept updated with the status of the project regularly. 
Implementation and handing over is done at the customer site. On an average, 70% of the work is done at our site, thus leading to significant reduction in cost.

We innovate on your ideas!


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