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Name : K2
Description : An ERP for Sugar Mills
Platform : VB, VB.NET
Back End : Open (Default, oracle 10g)
Application : Customisable

Introduction to K2
K2 is an ERP Solution compiled as an integrated sugar mill information management solution after thorough testing and working in real environment of various sugar mills. K2 is the outcome of the dedicated work of the Acme Team under the guidance of the Managing Director, Syed. Ali Raza, who has brought to the development of this product his long domain experience in the Sugar Mill environment and his deep technological know how. The development team at Acme had undergone a thorough study of Sugar mill processes in complete depth. K2 ERP software is divided into a number of modules depending upon the various processes in the sugar industry. All the modules are well-defined and encapsulate the complete functionality desired. The software is developed keeping in mind the large number of users and the wide area that is covered by the application. Additional features are available in all the modules like security, user identification and authentication along with utilities like messaging, notepad, e-mailing, etc. Security features are incorporated, both at the front-end and the back-end. At the front-end the users are authenticated by username and password and the access is allowed strictly according to the permissions defined for that user. Only read-only access is provided whenever required. At the back-end, the data is stored in encrypted form so that even if any unauthorized user gets access to the physical table by stealing password, he is unable to decode the data stored. Users of K2 are classified according to the units/departments. Measures are implemented to ensure that one user cannot access the data of other users or other departments. This feature helped in managing a large number of users easily, effectively and distinguishing among the data of each.
K2 Modules 

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