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Name : OraPay
Description : A solution for HR and Payroll
Platform : VB, VB.NET
Back End : Open (Default, oracle 10g)
Application : Customisable

Introduction to OraPay – A solution for HR and Payroll
OraPay is a payroll management module of K2 and an essential ingredient of the ERP. We know that none of the organizations can exist without the indispensable man-power and thus managing the human resources is a compulsory ingredient of any ERP that exist in the market. A number of attributes are incorporated in this module to efficiently manage the employee details. The minutiae built-into this module are related to employees, allowances, deductions, departments, leave, designation, grades, policy, scale, status, rest, holiday, attendance, salary, overtime etc (Detail given in scope). Besides the above features, OraPay includes a distinct sub-module for Electronic Attendance through the card-reader. It automatically marks overtime, late or absent depending upon the time of card-scan. Processes are defined for computing the periodical allowances and deductions of the employees and salary is computed automatically on the basis of the attendance marked. The salary processes stringently follows the rules and regulations specified by the government and the organization as well. Additional processes which are adjunct to the above features are on hand for processing the Arrear, shift rotations, reinitializing process that reinitializes one-time allowances and deductions and finally the leave credit. OraPay consist ample reports in accordance of the processes that are specified above. Reports can be generated related to individual salary/arrear summary list, allowance/deduction list, extra-wages list, department/grade wise summary, attendance check-list, bank-letter, etc. Other utilities available in OraPay common to all the modules are for messaging, file-browser, calculator, etc. All these properties of OraPay made it an exclusive and inimitable module for managing the human resources of an organization. This software is already running successfully in many organizations including Sugar Mills and others like Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. OraPay provide a high degree of automation in a competent and proficient way. It made it to be widely accepted and executed.
OraPay Scope 
» Attendance from Card Reader
» Processing :- Salary monthly/period, Full & final Preparation, Arrear, Shift Rotation, retirement etc.
» Cost Management :- CTC, cost centre wise cost etc
» Leave Management :- Leave credit process, Leave encashment, etc as applicable
» Summaries :-
  • Pay Summary
  • Arrear summary
  • Allowances Summary
  • Deductions Summary
  • Summaries related to gratuity
  • Bonus
  • Retaining
  • Leave Summary
  • Overtime etc.
» Group of Statements/Reports
  • Salary, Arrear, Bonus
  • Retaining
  • Overtime
  • Provident Fund
  • Family Pension etc.
  • Allowance and deduction
  • Strength Report
  • Attendance Sheet etc.
  • Leave
  • Bank advices
  • Income Tax of employee
» Complete Integration with Financial Accounting as Online Voucher generation & porting in OraFA as well as Master sharing.

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PDF Profile
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