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Name :  Cane Management System
Description : Cane Management System
Platform : ASP.Net,VB.Net,C++,Java script
Back End : SQL Server 2008, sqlite2,
Application : Customisable

CMS is a Sugar Cane Management Application designed to work on web to manage all aspects of Cane i.e Survey, Bonding, Calendering, Indenting, Weighing, Grower Payments, other Payments, Farmer interaction through website, SMS, IVR with a very systematic and beautiful feature of Graphical MIS. This is the latest product of ASPL, which is designed to reduce the complexity of system of Cane Industry. CMS@ASPL is an advance version of Oracane and is being developed mainly on keeping in view all requirements as of today’s scenario. It is designed as a self-Contained and well-defined module for supporting the complete functionality of Cane Management in a Sugar Mill in a current context where the government bodies need more data sharing and visibility to farmers and other related bodies.

The main advantage of the software is its reliability, online data availability and high level of automation. CMS@ASPL provides the full-fledged features for performing Cane Department functioning in an effective and efficient manner in all its processes like Survey, Bonding, Calandering ( according to the policies defined by the Government, Factory and Society), Indenting, Weighment with mans as well as man less, Payment-processing and so on with high level of user friendly and parameterized manner.
Some of the important features of CMS are as follows:
  • Accessible Internationally - User can access from anywhere having internet access.
  • Better Security Checks - Security using Login names and Password.
  • Remote Parameter Setting - User can set parameter from anywhere, even when user is not at site.
  • Internet and Intranet Compatibility - User can access it having internet as well as on the local area network.
  • Independent module to reduce load - It is an automated module, no requirement of support of engineers.
  • Better Presentation - It works systematically with customized reports.
  • Reduced Work load - It is a fast, reliable and an independent and can handle work of numbers of labor.
  • Better Supervision - Its access is not area or location access, so can be supervised from any location.
  • Immediate Software Support
  • Includes Farmer website, SMS, IVR, Hand Held - A seperate website for farmers having all related information including cane, payment, field etc.
  • Remote Installation & Maintenance
  • Remote Data Processing - User can install and maintain it from anywhere.
  • Cane Survey
  • Bonding & Calandering
  • Cane Indenting
  • Cane Receipt
  • Cash & Bank Payment
  • Cane Accounting
  • Farmer Website
  • Short Message Service
  • Cane Weighing System
  • Hand Held Computer Module
  • IVR Inquiry for Farmers
  • Reporting Module
  • MIS
»Cane Survey -
  • Direct Feeding- Raw data collected ( grower,village and plot wise)
  • Input from HHC ( Hand Held Computers) & SMS sent to farmers related to the feeding in server.
  • Listing & Correction, if required.
  • Cane Development Report
  • Correction & Final Listing of corrected data and Information.
  • Web Entry & Correction
  • Live Website Inquiry with Feedback form
  • Base data for Cane Calandar (without transfer)
» Bonding & Calandering -
  • Parameterized Bonding Customized Calandering in the parameters of Variety Wise or Variety Group Wise
  • Admin and Marking Plan
  • Highly Customizable
  • Auto Re-Calandaring on change results in saving of time.
» Cane Indenting -
  • Center Wise Online feedback of Weighed, balace & Pipeline
  • System Indent Estimation
  • Zone In charge Wise Proposed Indent
  • Entry/Compilation and Online Approval
  • Online transfer for Indent Processing
  • Purchie Marking & Printing
  • Special Purchies Generation & Printing
» Cane Receipt -
       Center Purchase-
  • Direct Input of Cane
  • Input through Hand Held Computers, information related to Cane receipt sent to Farmers.
  • Zonal Input Screen- Receiving Cane Zone Wise ( Including many centers)
  • Truck Dispatch Detail Through HHC
  • Web Based Purchase, Dispatch, Receipt Position
       Gate Purchase-
  • Token, Gross, Tare, Exit
  • Web Base Yard Position
       Center Cane & Transport-
  • Token, Gross, Tare, Truck Allotment
  • Transporter Performance Analysis
  • Transport Payment
       Center Labor-
  • Contractor Account
  • Labor Head Account
  • Payment Advice
  • Movement History of Loaded or Unloaded Transport.
» Cash & Bank Payment-
  • Cane expenses and cane cost are automatically updated by the Cane software in the financial accounting module, thus ensuring up-to-date accounting data. All the associated fiscal books are automatically updated.
  • All the associated fiscal books are automatically updated through Cash Payment Window Management.
  • Differential Payment is the additional value to the users.
  • Bank Advice / Bank Transfer
  • Payment Breakup, Bank Display Sheet, Loan Management and Web Live Inquiry .
» Cane Accounting-
  • Statement & Reports-Reports include Farmer Reports, Cane Accounting Reports, Centre and Date-wise Reports, Village wise Reports, Dries Reports, Daily Cane Purchase and Cane price Reports, Zone Enquiry etc.
  • By maintaining Mill-Purchie book Centre-wise and clerk-wise, the system keeps the record of missing Mill Purchies and restricts the user from feeding incorrect Mill Purchies.
  • Summaries & Vouchers, Online Voucher Gateway.
» Live Farmer Inquiry Website-
  • Farmer Website- Information related to survey, bonding, calandaring, indent dispatch, weighed and payments.
  • Records of SMS.
  • Pending Payment information.
» Cane Weighing System-
  • Weighment in two ways- Traditional approach, the manual weigh by operators in person and another approach is the innovation of ACME Softech tried and started in 2002, in which instead of man, an optical card is being used with optical card reader.
  • Auto SMS to farmer, Auto Audio Announcement.
  • Snap Capturing (Optional), Live Weight Display.

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